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35th PS attendees & comments

The 35th class reunion was a great success.  Several of our old classmates & friends who had never attended previous reunions came and enjoyed seeing old friends.

Mike Aquilino
Mitch Babashan
Stuart Basinger
Julie Baugher McQuilkin
Nancy Bean McGovern
Tricia  Bier Looney
Bill Butler
Vince Coates
Charly Culbertson
Bill Daitch
Kedric Dines
Frank Emanuele
Bob Ervin
Jim Fabiszewski
Nancy Falconer vom Lehn
Laura Ferrenz Cenney
Scott  Fischell
Lee Flemister
Bill Fox
Margaret Frene
Debbie Friedman
Terri Friedman Schwartz
Ginny Gallagher Vernick
Carol Graham Lehan
Tony Greenblatt
Torsten Griem
Sean Gunter
Patty Hannan
Kari Harper
Denise Heath Graham
Hal Hecht
Jude Hill
Barbara Horowitz Kahn
Paul Innocenti
Cheryl Jeffries
Brian Judy
Barb Kluger Emanuele
Bill Kovach
Steve Kramer
Becky Kushner Schumacher
Don Lazas
Margo Leader  Porter
Jon Leibowitz
Jodie Levine Friedman
Gene Lew
David Lewis
Eunice Lin
Cathy Lumpkin Mantua
Terre Lutz Dohrman
Frank McQuilkin
Brian Meehan
Richard Melnick
Tracy Mey
Beth Montgomery
Brian Murphy
Dennis Murphy
Randi Neff
Sharon Nero Allen
Richard Orenstein
Eric Osborne
Donna Parker
Vera Pierson Mey
John Peperone
Trina Prather Jenkins
John Richard
Dale Roche Bonner
Elliot Rodberg
Gary Rosen
Neal Rubin
Bob Sandler
Beth Savage
Will Schnetzler
Karen Shapiro Barbash
David Silverman
Holli Snyder Meindl
Emme Szot
Lisa Tempchin Rados
Sharon Thomas
Kevin Tracy
Jill Turek Walston
Pete Walch
Rick Wellbeloved-Stone
Laura Welsh Short
Lisa Wheeler Witcher
Barbara White Kunkle
Ray Whitten
Bob Wikes
Bill Witcher
Jerry Yost
Eddie Young
Irene Zevgolis Christian
Some postscript comments:

"I really enjoyed the reunion and having the opportunity to actually shake hands and chat with folks.

The only thing better than one room of smiling faces, were the three rooms with smiling faces!"

"Glad I went. Thanks for the nudging! Nice to see you & other classmates. I'll definitely attend again!"

"What a fun night!"

"What a great evening...nice to see everyone!"

"Thanks for harassing me to go. I almost didn't go at last minute but am glad I went."

"One of the best nights of my life."

"Nice to see how we've all grown & matured."

"Once again, what a great time!! The class of '78' rocks, and no other class can compare. Really, it was GREAT seeing all that were able to attend....wish we could do that every weekend....like the '70's!!"