Cannon Road Elementary 1972 #1

If you recognize classmates marked with a (?), please email information so that everyone can be properly identified:

Row 1(front) -

Terri Fusco, Jeanne Harrell, Cheri Moore, Mary Alice Kroll, Laura Welsh, Eileen Brophy, Mary Schrider

Row 2 -

Eddie Bengston, ?, George Hazel, Shawn Welch, Lewis Mobley, Ken Rice, Lewis Amos, Steve Brightwell, Tracy Mey

Row 3 -

Ed Lehmann, Keith Covill, Joey Teesdale, Theresa Kressley, Jenny Lartz, Pam Menne, Joe Pirrone, Jim O'Leary

Row 4 -

Suzanne Ernstein, Tammy Edlefsen, ?, David Adams, Chester Russell, ?, Rhonda Lewis, Mary Lesser