Jackson Road Elementary 1968 #1

If you recognize classmates marked with a (?), please email information so that everyone can be properly identified: webadmin@springbrook1978.org

Row 1(front) -

Susan Flickinger, Lisa (?), Elaine Epstein(?)

Row 2 -

Billy Plybon, Steven Hall, Laps McCord, Mitch Piefer, Dick Rhodes, Susan Danielson, Ida Brown, Suzanne (?)

Row 3 -

Don Chick, Jenny Kaufmann, Beth Stanerson, Stuart (?), Kristi Lockwood, Chary Vogelsang, Eunice Lin

Row 4 -

Susan (?), Greg Mirakien, Mitch Babashan, Louis Chaconas, Jim Voell, Larry Klevit, Nancy Cowles, Ethan Laden