Jackson Road Elementary 1971 #2

If you recognize classmates marked with a (?), please email information so that everyone can be properly identified: webadmin@springbrook1978.org

Row 1(front) -

Gail Marans, Linda Wilkenson, Beth Montgomery, Eva Firmani, Irene Zevgolis

Row 2 -

Craig Goebel, Jerry Belson, John Hall, Trey Stokes, Keith Strothers, Bill Witcher, Terry Cummings, David Webb

Row 3 -

Chris Goode, Scott Green, Gary Powers, Laura Thompson, Peggy Hawthorne, Joey Harkaway

Row 4 -

Mrs. Thompson, Steve Smith, Larry Klevit, Barbara Buch, Mike Pinto, Philip Czeh, Alex Simon, Barbara White