45-Year Reunion Postscript

45-Year Reunion Class Picture

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Left-to-Right: Gary Frace, Nancy Taubman, Angier Peavy, Sara Parrott, Barbara Waite-Jaques, Ivar Olsen, Bill Mercer
(Not pictured): Don Rushing & Jim Castonquay

Reunion Albums

October 20, 2023

October 21, 2023

Video Campaign for the 45-year reunion

Assorted members of the committee explaining 'why' you should go to the 45th plus some amusing outtakes

Special thanks to Barb Kluger-Emanuele, Sam Burroughs, Gene Lew, Charly Culbertson, David Lewis, Tracy Mey, Pam Philips-Greeney, Eunice Lin, Randi Neff and Irene Zevgolis for their contributions to our 45th:

Barb Kluger-Emanuele

Donated gourmet cookies for dessert

Sam Burroughs & Gene Lew

Donated funds to help cover the costs for our former teachers to attend

Charly Culbertson

Donated funds for an extra hour so that the reunion could run till 12am

David Lewis

Donated the non-alcoholic drinks

Pam Philips-Greaney

Created the table centerpieces

Terre Lutz

Provided the 'Springbrook Blue' balloons

Randi Neff & Eunice Lin

Welcome & Check-in

Tracy Mey

Provided the logo art for our 45th reunion as he has for our previous reunions

Irene Zevgolis

Provided the graphic design work for the post card

Reunion Committee

Mike Aquilino, Sam Burroughs, Charly Culbertson, Barb Kluger-Emanuele, Gene Lew, David Lewis, Terre Lutz, Randi Neff, Pam Philips-Greaney, Elliot Rodberg, Laura Welsh-Short, Jill Turek