Doug Roswurm Obit


NOVEMBER 6, 1959 - DECEMBER 13, 2019

Doug was born in 1959, in Ohio but after a few months, his Dad’s transfer took the family to Visalia, CA. After a few years in that area his Dad was transferred to Los Angeles County for a couple of years at UCLA and the family moved again. Then came a move to Davis California for a very short time before the family was once again moving, this time to Silver Spring Maryland. After a few years in Maryland, we were all on the move again to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The family spent three years in Argentina where Doug went to the at the American School and soaked up Spanish, experiencing a whole new culture. He had this chance in life for a lot of travel and was blessed with hiking and fishing in the Andes and playing every sport the school had to offer. His senior year, we all returned to Silver Spring, Maryland and Doug was back in the school he had left to hopefully pick up the friendships he had left behind. All this travel and moving was often hard on Doug (and all of us) but life was also enriched by the many experiences. Doug's Dad had another transfer from Maryland to Sacramento, California - at this time the family was separated. –Doug and brother Matt stayed in Maryland to go to school and/or work. Jon, his younger brother, went with his Mom and Dad back to California. The family separation was hard on everyone and it was a very emotional time.

Doug went to the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in Economics while holding down a full time job. Doug eventually married and started a family and was very proud of his two children, beloved son "Drew" and beloved daughter "Nicole". Doug and his family moved to South Carolina and Doug had a series of jobs using his Degree from the University of Maryland. Doug enjoyed being next to water so much, he eventually found a place on Lake Murray and loved this area very much. Another love was his time spent coaching youth soccer and being an integral part of the community.

Doug worked a series of jobs in Management and Consulting, some of it commuting back and forth from New York. Doug also started his own business in roofing, and owned his own roofing company. Unfortunately, after time, this business due to many factors had crumbled.

During this time, Doug’s health started failing. He was hospitalized while still in South Carolina and he was too ill to remain at home. After many test’s doctors were unable to find out what was going on. With his health failing him, Doug was forced to make a move back to California, and was now residing in Placerville, California with his parents. Once in Placerville, Doug’s health continued to decline. Still after many hospitalizations and tests, there was no clear diagnosis of his condition.

Doug was loved by many: he so enjoyed nature and always liked/wanted to live near water. He was a good friend and we know he left us with his best memories of fishing in the outdoors with old friends. Doug left us in December -- he died all too soon.